Long Term Player Development

OS Link to LTPD Brochure for all ages:  http://www.canadasoccer.com/files/CSA_2009_W2WC_Brochure_EN.pdf

As the introduction and implementation of Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) becomes a reality across Ontario, we wanted to provide all those interested in this important development with an easy-to-access place to find as much relevant and current information as they possibly can.

As you will see if you review some of the materials and communiqués below, LTPD is not a new concept.  It is simply an approach to create a great environment for developing young players properly to their full potential—a philosophy that has already long been in place in the best soccer nations in the world.

Our commitment is to make the game more fun than ever before for the recreational player and to provide better development opportunities than ever before for those with aspirations for a future in the sport.  LTPD is a key aspect of ensuring that will happen.

It will be an adjustment, and we recognize that.  It will take time and that is why we are implementing LTPD in a phased-in way across Ontario.  There will be challenges but those challenges can certainly be met.

In short, it’s about putting player-development first.  At the end of the day, that’s what everyone involved with our great sport wants.

Please check out some of the information posted here.  We have been communicating regularly with our Districts, Clubs, coaches and parents in an effort to ensure as many people as possible are aware of the upcoming transition and what it will mean at the local level and in terms of competitive league structures in the future. (The documents included here have been circulated throughout 2011 as updates on the plans and progress around LTPD.)

We will be adding more information over time, including links to articles about LTPD and “best-practices” in soccer around the globe. 

The OSA has hosted a number of open-forums and informal stakeholder gatherings over the past twelve months and many sessions with coaching leaders and Clubs across the province.  That information-sharing will continue, because we are committed to doing this right for our young players and everyone associated with soccer across the province—be they coaches, referees, administrators or parents.

Long-Term Player Development (LTPD)
(LTPD) Video Links:
1. Ontario Soccer Association LTPD Video
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Grassroots is coming to Lasalle!!
We are excited to announce a new initiative for the coming season.  Our latest step in improving the grassroots program involves the u4, 5 and 6's. In an effort to give a better balanced and fun experience to everyone in their first steps in soccer. We will be implementing this festival style of soccer put forward by FIFA and Ontario soccer Assoc.. 
Parents info meeting coming soon check for updates.