Volunteer Coaching Co-ordinator: Tasha Hummell tashahummell.lssc@gmail.com

Volunteer Special Events Co-ordinator:

LaSalle Stompers thank each and everyone of the volunteers, from past to present. Without you we couldn't be the club we are today.

Stompers has initiated a Coaching discount in 2013. For all coaches who return to coach the following year, a 50% discount will be applied for head coaches, and 25% discount for assistants, max of 3 coaches per team.

Also in 2013, we have initiated the Club Volunteer Recognition Program, for you to help your favourite, House League coach, Club Official, and Competitive Coach get recognized for their many hours of dedication.

We are always looking for new faces, and have many events planned for 2017, Strawberryfest Parking, Strawberryfest Parade, Memorial House League Tournamanet, Day of Champions.  If you do not want to coach, and would like to help with special events, please contact: pcorro-battagello@cogeco.ca

Anyone wanting to learn to coach, or have some questions, please contact: tashahummell.lssc@gmail.com


All Coaches and Volunteers for LaSalle Stompers must have a valid police clearance (CPIC)

Email Privacy Officer: fabiancapaldi.lssc@gmail.com to obtain the required organization letter.

Canadian Police Information Centre Check

A CPIC check is a query, based on name, gender and date-of-birth, of active criminal files in the RCMP National Repository of Criminal Records. This check is used to determine the possible existence of a criminal record. It is generally used as a preliminary search to determine if a Fingerprint-based Criminal Record Check may be required.

(Self) Declaration of a Criminal Record is a process whereby the applicant declares their adult criminal record convictions to the Police Service in accordance with CPIC policy requirements and federal laws.

Vulnerable Sector: If you are applying to work in a paid or volunteer position where you will be in a position of trust or authority with children or vulnerable persons you will be required to submit fingerprints whenever the name and/or gender and date of birth of an applicant match to an existing pardoned sex offender record. This is not an accusation of criminality, but a requirement to confirm identity and protect privacy.