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2017 U7 Grassroots:

Active Start:

To bring the Stompers program in line with the Ontario Soccer Associations (OSA), “Long Term Player Development” (LTPD) matrix, the U4 and U5's will be following the “Active Start” Program.


The sessions will be run using the Ontario Soccer Associations Player Development model. The focus of our sessions is to create fun, short activities and games which can stimulate a learning environment; where they can each have their own ball and concentrate on moving the ball in different directions; where they can begin to develop physical literacy, play with groups of other children and interact with coaches in a soccer environment.


The U4's will play one day a week on a Saturday morning for approx. 45 minutes. Each week they will be rotating thru different activities . These activities will vary throughout the season to complete a set syllabus.


The U5's will play twice a week for approx. 45 minutes, on a Saturday and Wednesday. Their syllabus will be similar to above,  gradually being lead into a activity/game/activity rotation; playing 1v1 and 3v3  games, to allow them to use what they have been shown in the activity in a small sided game.



U6's will play on a Saturday and Wednesday and will be following the “Fundamentals” program. The emphasis of this syllabus will be to create a fun environment where the players can express themselves and use their imagination. The focus of these sessions will be on learning proper technique, increasing their confidence on the ball and interacting with teammates. There will be no game nights as such. The sessions will be approx. 45 minutes, and in a game/activity/game rotation; introducing them to a method that they can take what they are learning in the activities into a game situation and try and use it against opposition in a  4v4 game.


The U7’s will have a choice to continue in the traditional pathway and join the U8 age group or stay in our Grassroots program. Here they will practice using the Player Development model and have a separate game night. 


Game nights will be 4v4 on a set team, on a scheduled day.


Why is 4v4 important? Canadian soccer association along with other nations around the world, decided that a more stair step approach was needed introducing young players to the game.


4V4 is the smallest version of a full match. It provides the minimum numbers needed for all of the parts that make up a soccer game. One player is up top for penetration. Two are needed for width and one holds back to supply depth. 


In 4v4 the responsibilities are very clear. All tasks are covered and none are shared, which keeps things simple during soccer drills and match situations. These elements produce a natural process which gives the most efficient training for young kids.


A recent study conducted in England compared 4v4 with 8v8 games and concluded with the following results in 4v4 games. Which shows it really only makes sense that this is the next logical step in development.

  • Increased number of passes by 135%
  • Increased number of scoring attempts by 260%
  • Increased number of 1v1 encounters by 225%
  • Increased number of dribbling skills by 280%


4v4 is easy for young players to understand.
Allows for the freedom of expression = enjoyment of playing.
More individual initiative is used.
Basic tactical awareness is developed.
Game intelligence is developed.


For those interested in more details on 4v4 soccer development. Please read: 4v4 is good for youth soccer coaching.


The Player Development model was put forward to OSA from FIFA the world governing body for soccer and is being adopted throughout the world. OSA are encouraging it to be adopted throughout the province. 


Lasalle Stompers are the first club to adopt it for these age groups in this district.


Grassroots Stair Step Approach

Volunteer Coaches:

The success of these programs is dependent on people/parents getting involved. One of the beauties of this model is how it allows the coaches to develop.

In the past if you volunteered you were given 12 players and bag of balls and told to get on with it…. quite a daunting task, even for a soccer minded person.


This model takes away a lot of that craziness. Sessions are over seen, activities supplied and explained by an experienced “Master Coach”; with the idea we are educating the coaches and are all going in the one direction.


The club will be running Coaching courses as well as continued coaching education session throughout the year.


If you are interested in coaching , coaching courses or have any questions about the program, please contact me @: grassroots.lssc@gmail.com


Grassroots Manager
Lasalle Stompers S.C.